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2 years ago · by · Comments Off on Interview with Stan Gabriel – “Aripi pentru Tineri” student, future pilot

Interview with Stan Gabriel – “Aripi pentru Tineri” student, future pilot

Even if he is 30 years old, Gabriel wants to be a pilot. The Aripi pentru Tineri student traveled from Sighetu Marmatiei to Bucharest to join the workshop organized by Jetav Flight Training, hoping that this step will help him in the career he wants. With a great passion for aviation and a wide smile on his face, he came to us to find out what steps he must take to fulfill his dream of becoming a pilot. Below he will tell us his story, when he discovered aviation, why he wants to be a pilot and where he can see himself in the future!

1. How and when did you realize you wanted to be a pilot? Is it a childhood dream or did you discover this passion later?

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to fly. I have always been fascinated by this field and dreamed of going to unique places around the globe, traveling, seeing the world from the cockpit of an airplane.

2. I know you are over 30 years old. Have you considered this to be a disadvantage so far?

Yes, I admit that until now I saw my age as a disadvantage. I thought I missed my chance to fly. But today, as part of theAripi pentru Tineri course, I saw that there are pilots who have started this job at a much older age than mine, and I found courage. I also learned from the instructors that you can join pilot school even after 50 years because retirement in this area is also at 65 years, which does not prevent anyone from fulfilling their dream, at any age.

3. Why did you choose our professional orientation course, unique in Romania? I know you come from far away.

I have heard of JETAV Flight Training on ZU radio where I think it was Mrs. Mihaela Nastase who spoke as a guest of a radio show. Then I searched for the academy, I saw them on Facebook, along with the event about the professional aviation orientation workshop. I read that I will learn all the necessary steps to get a pilot or a flight attendant and I will learn how an interview with the recruiting airlines works. I got into the car and came to Bucharest to participate to this extremely complete course and I do not regret making this choice.

4. What airline do you see yourself flying with in 3 years?

I did not set up a company as a target, I just want to fly, to get the pilot certificate.

5. How did you enjoy the JETAV Flight Simulator?

Finally, I was able to taste a little of what it takes to fly an airplane. It was something wow, unbelievable, extremely real, and something that I always want to try again. Radu, the simulator instructor, showed me practically all the steps needed to take off and land a plane in safety, but also how to align myself for landing. I completed a flight, from head to tail.

6. What advice do you have for young people who want to pursue a career in this field?

My advice for young people who want to fly is that if they really feel that they want this, that’s what they need to do. To fight for their dream and not to waste any time.

Thank you Gabriel for the interview, best of luck in your career as a pilot and many, many, flight hours!


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