Introductory flight

180 – 230 Euros

We invite you to a day full of adrenaline and fun! Enjoy fairytale views or give an inspiring gift that won't soon be forgotten!

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Activity 1 – Welcome drink coffee/tea

  • We're getting to know each other
  • Presentation of the JETAV team - administrative staff and pilot responsible for flight activity
  • Presentation of security and safety rules

Activity 2 – Individual briefing

  • Presentation of Strejnic airfield and JETAV school training facilities (hangar/briefing room/VIP lounge/flight preparation procedure)
  • Presentation of safety zones
  • Guided visit to the hangar
  • Flight preparation
  • Aircraft description – control surfaces and flight instruments
  • Brief history of aviation and model aircraft

Activity 3 – Individual introductory flight – 1 hour

  • Real flight with a pilot in one of the areas of the Strejnicu airfield or another route
  • Explanations – effects on orders
  • Identification of on-board equipment and instruments
  • Touch and go landing
  • Landing with "full stop"

Activity 4 – Joint debriefing

  • We answer aviation questions and curiosities
  • Presentation of aviation school courses and modules for private pilots-PPL and commercial pilots-CPL
  • Group and individual photos

* 2-seater or 4-seater planes available. The 4-seater can fly a maximum of 3 people within the limit of 240 kg.

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