Why is the Flight Attendant course for you?

  • You start a career in aviation right away, even if you have no experience.
  • You get the internationally recognized EASA certificate at the end of the course.
  • You have a guaranteed job within the partnerships we have with the major airlines.
  • Learn from experienced lecturers active within airlines.
  • We offer advantageous payment solutions.
  • You can opt for accommodation - on request.
  • We prepare you for the job interview.
  • The courses are accredited and can be done in class or online.
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Why choose pilot courses?

  • Courses are modular with flexible classroom or online learning schedule.
  • You have the online study platform Infowerk and distance learning.
  • We offer flexible payment methods and accommodation on request.
  • Learn from experienced instructors active at major airlines.
  • You have 5 modern certified aircraft with maintenance and CAMO.
  • Training in school flight simulators: IR-SEP C172 and B 7373NG.
  • Multiple bases: Aerodrom Strejnic and secondary bases in Băneasa, Clinceni, Sibiu, Timișoara.
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Frequent questions

What minimum education do I need to have to be a flight attendant?
You can register with the 12th grade diploma. Baccalaureate or higher education is an advantage but not mandatory and required by all airlines.
At what age can my career in aviation start?
Cabin crew members can start their career from the age of 18, after completing our 3-week course and obtaining their EASA international certificate. To obtain a private pilot's license with which you can fly light aircraft for personal purposes, you must be at least 17 years old.
Is it necessary to know a foreign language?
Having knowledge of the English language at an intermediate level - conversational is mandatory in this field. We can help you prepare overtime so you can succeed.
Do I have to have experience to be a flight attendant?
Aviation experience is not required, but Public Relations is a strong plus. In the Cabin Crew by JETAV course you will receive all the information you need. Our passionate teachers will guide you every step of the way for you to have a successful career.
Do I have to be presentable to sign up?
Certainly not! During the training courses you will learn how to be charismatic and how to present yourself.


Let's talk about your career in aviation.

Capt. Alexandru Geică

Head of Training JETAV

TRI Instructor (Type Rating Instructor) and TRE (Type Rating Examiner)

Inst. Mihaela Spînu

Head of Training Cabin Crew

Teaches: Human Factors and Crew Resource Management.

Flora Geica


He teaches: Civil Aeronautical Legislation and Regulations

Julian Irimia

Chief Flight Instructor

Commander of the JETAV Air Base from Strejnic

Valentin Andu Roth

Ground Instructor

Teaches: Normal, Abnormal and Emergency Procedures on Board the Aircraft

Cristina Cazan

Ground Instructor

Teaches: English Language

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Jetav Flight Academy opened its wings in June 2016 and brought on board only people with extensive experience in the field of aviation.

We believe that success is achieved especially when you put your heart into what you do, that's why our team has dedicated its time and energy to lay the foundations for a successful career for the thousands of students who have chosen us.