Even the best need a little help to reach their full potential! We can prepare you to excel in English, to ace job interviews at major airlines, or to specialize on the Boeing 737NG/A320.

Preparing pilots for the interview

Are you preparing to become an airline pilot, are you a pilot and want to apply to an airline operator or specialize in another type of aircraft? Train in our flight simulators with experienced instructors (TRI/TRE) to easily master standard operating procedures, flying the aircraft for abnormal, normal and emergency situations.

The LPC (License Proficiency Check) preparation is essential for maintaining your pilot's license and for validating your always up-to-date knowledge. This checking process focuses on the pilot's skills in making accurate and safe landings in a variety of conditions.


LPC (License Proficiency Check) and OPC (Operator Proficiency Check) are mandatory periodic assessments for airline crew members. The Aviation School JETAV Flight Academy offers consultancy in order to train crews and maintain both theoretical and practical training for air operators.

English for flight attendants

The English course is aimed at people who are preparing to become flight attendants and are about to take the job interview at the airline they want. If you're struggling or need help becoming conversationally fluent, we can help you master aviation-specific vocabulary and succeed.

Preparing flight attendants for the interview

Each airline has its own requirements that you must meet if you want to wear a certain uniform. By following this course, we will prepare you to be able to deal brilliantly with all the situations you will encounter in the interview tests, you will learn what you should not do and how to present yourself in front of the recruiters.

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