If you are afraid of flying, we can solve your problem with the help of this package that includes discussions with our pilots and specialists, a flight in the B737 simulator that replicates the cockpit of the Boeing 737 airliner. Here you will have the opportunity to discover the work of pilots both in normal cases , as well as in cases where many people have palpitations, such as abnormal or emergency ones.

A therapeutic simulator session consists of 20 minutes of briefing and 2 hours of flight in the 737NG simulator.

The ideal way to treat your fear of flying is to make a scenario in which we simulate a real flight such as Otopeni - Sibiu or Vienna - Innsbruk, together with a real pilot (who works as a pilot for a Romanian airline operator). Practically, you will have in-depth discussions with our instructors, who are active pilots, to understand the preparation of a "head to tail" flight. You will deepen certain technical and general aviation knowledge as well as statistical data or related to flight crew training. All this knowledge will help you overcome your fear of flying. For this package we recommend 2 cumulative simulator sessions.

Cost of a session:

09:00 – 17:00


17:00 – 21:30




The briefing will be conducted as follows:

  • any aviation curiosity you may have will be discussed
  • the dashboard will be explained
  • the data of the destination airport will be entered into the computer
  • weather conditions will be entered (storm, wind, turbulence)
  • it will be explained how to calculate the amount of kerosene required to the destination airport
  • the checklist will be checked.

What benefits do you get from the program?

  • understanding your fears
  • regaining control
  • the pleasure of being on board an aircraft
  • the joy of an aviation experience

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    Frequent questions

    What happens if the plane door opens during the flight?
    This is impossible, contrary to many Hollywood scenarios. It is virtually impossible to open any of the cabin doors while the plane is in the air due to the pressure inside being greater than outside the plane.
    What is the safest seat on the plane?
    All seats are safe. However, the turbulence is felt more strongly behind the plane. If you want a smooth ride, choose a seat near the wings.
    Do bulkier luggage make flying more difficult?
    Not. Passengers and their luggage make up only 5-10% of the plane's weight. The weight of the luggage is before boarding and the average weight of the passengers is approximated by the cabin crew.
    Is it dangerous to fly during a storm?
    It is not dangerous to fly, but it is dangerous to land, because of a phenomenon called "downburst", which makes the air descend, hitting the ground.
    What are the most dangerous phases of flight?
    We have three critical phases of flight – take-off, approach and landing – which add up to only 7% of the total flight, but during which 80% of on-board emergencies occur.