The perfect gift exists at JETAV

  • You give an unforgettable experience
  • Give a truly unique gift, regardless of age!
  • Your aviation curiosities will be fed
  • See with your own eyes what airline pilots do in the B737 cockpit
  • You are one step closer to seeing your dream come true - professional guidance for your pilot career
  • You experience and enjoy magical moments with your loved ones

Do you want to give a unique experience?

Pilot for a day

It's your first FLYING LESSON! Feeling the magic of flight is one of the most captivating experiences you can have.

130 euros

Introductory flight

We invite you to a day full of adrenaline and fun! Enjoy fairytale views or give an inspiring gift!

180 – 230 Euros

Boeing 737NG Flight Simulator

When you are passionate about flying, the world is infinitely more beautiful from the cockpit! Now you have the chance to experience the sensation.

100 – 115 – 130 Euros

SEP-MEP flight simulator

If you're not ready for a large passenger plane, come see what it's like to be at the helm of a pleasure plane!

80 euros


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