If you want to experience the authentic feeling of flying but without being in a real plane, we invite you to the SEP-MEP airplane sleeve, equipped with a single piston engine (SEP) or two piston engines (MEP).

The simulator reproduces emergency situations, various flight conditions, helping pilots practice take-off, flight and landing procedures.

Through practice a pilot can maintain or improve his navigation skills in a safe and efficient manner using the flight instruments. Want to give a unique gift to an aviation enthusiast?

Give him a simulator session to familiarize himself with the practicalities of piloting, even if he doesn't have a private pilot's license.

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Experience the magic of flight at the JETAV – SEP-MEP simulator

A simulator session consists of 15 minutes of briefing and one hour of flight. The simulator is located at the headquarters in Pipera, Henri Coandă neighborhood, Str. Francisc Munteanu, no. 97, sector 1, Bucharest, Romania.

Activity 1-Welcome

  • We're getting to know each other
  • Meet the pilot in charge
  • Presentation of the JETAV team

Activity 2 – Individual briefing - 20 min

  • Brief aviation history · presentation of the multi engine simulator
  • Presentation of the cockpit (flight controls/indicators/instruments/control panels)
  • Presentation of "procedures and checklist"

Activity 3 – Individual simulator flight – 1 hour

  • Positioning at a favorite airport with a special view
  • Cabin preparation according to preflight/before start/before taxi/before takeoff procedures
  • Taxiing and takeoff-after takeoff
  • flight maneuvers with and without autopilot with and without "Flight Director"
  • Descent landing briefing/approach checklist
  • Missed landing
  • Full stop landing

Activity 4 – Debriefing

  • We answer aviation questions and curiosities
  • Presentation of courses and school modules for private pilots-PPL and commercial pilots-CPL

Cost of a session:

09:00 – 17:00


17:00 – 21:30




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