Choose travel as a lifestyle!

We help you spread your wings to a career full of adventure and satisfaction.

Have you recently graduated from high school and are wondering what your next step is? We offer you the unique opportunity to prepare for one of the most fascinating careers. Whether you dream of flying to exotic destinations or being part of a dynamic and passionate team, JETAV is the place where your dreams come true.

In just 3 weeks of training, you'll gain all the knowledge and skills you need to excel as a flight attendant. Our course is designed to prepare you for both the challenges of flying and the job interview, so you have all the odds on your side.

Be among the first to sign up for our next group of trainees and you will have free accommodation for the duration of the training. We take care of all the details so you can focus on your goal.

We welcome you to join our community of future flight attendants, where the passion for flying and the desire to excel meet. Register now and take the first step towards a successful and rewarding career!

What are you waiting for? Fly to your dreams with JETAV Flight Academy!

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    Contact us for details

    +40 737 880 100
    +40 728 354 448


    We are your partners on the road to success

    • The course lasts 3 weeks
    • You have an INSURED job*
    • Advantageous financing solutions to start the course
    • We offer luxury accommodation on request*
    • We have simulator of Boeing 737 and Airbus A320
    • We guide you step by step towards employment with the airline of your choice

    Why choose the flight attendant job?

    • A dream job awaits you after completing 12th grade
    • You travel to places you've only dreamed of
    • Every flight is a unique experience
    • You meet new people and cultures
    • You discover yourself

    Why choose JETAV Academy?

    • INSURED WORKPLACE** within the unique partnership with companies from Romania and Europe
    • Internationally recognized and appreciated EASA license
    • Lecturers with vast EXPERIENCE and ACTIVITIES within Romanian airlines
    • Advantageous payment solutions
    • INTERVIEW preparation course for AIRLINE companies
    • PHOTO Session – photos for the interview
    • Preparation of CV compatible with the requirements of the Airline Companies

    How easy is it to sign up and what do you need?

    12th grade diploma or Baccalaureate Diploma

    English language, medium-conversational level

    The minimum age to take the EASA exam is 18 years

    Sign up now

    Your investment



    Full payment



    Payment in installments



    Online course



    Orientation experience

    You benefit FREE from:

    • Customer Service (learn the etiquette and manners of a top flight attendant)
    • Grooming (We help you become the best version of you and look flawless)
    • How to Introduce Yourself (Introductory Interview Course and Best Practices)
    • Preparing a CV
    • Photo/video session during the course
    • Access to the JETAV jobs and information platform
    • Access to all existing equipment in a passenger aircraft

    They are not included

    • Medical certification 350 lei
    • Accommodation in the apartment €250 (for the entire duration of the course)
    • Survival training €180 (practical test)


    • Visit active pilots / flight attendants in top companies during the course!

    Enjoy a career at the top

    Our instructors

    The students' teachers are aviation instructors with over 20 years of experience!

    Mihaela Spînu

    Teaches: Human Factors and Crew Resource Management

    Flora Geica

    Teaches: Civil Aviation Legislation and Regulations

    Valentine Roth

    Teaches: Normal, abnormal and emergency procedures on board the aircraft

    Cristina Cazan

    Teaches: English Language

    Gica Nae

    Teaches: Dangerous Goods

    Dan Popa

    Teaches: Aeronautical Security

    Online course


    The highest standards and procedures are followed so that upon completion of the course you will be prepared to easily obtain the internationally recognized Flight Attendant Certificate.

    You can pay in two installments. Half, respectively 950€, upon registration when you will receive immediate access to the courses and the other half of 950€ at the end of the course in the classroom.

    There will be 2 weeks online and one week in the gym. You choose, depending on our periods, when to come to class.

    *You can send all registration documents by email to [email protected] (copy of BAC diploma/12 classes, copy of bulletin and birth certificate).

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