Capt. Alexandru Geică

Head of Training JETAV
TRI instructor (Type Rating Instructor) and TRE (Type Rating Examiner)

Geică Alexandru holds the position of Head of Training at the JETAV Academy, having the responsibility of supervising the training of students. He has more than 6700 hours of flight experience on the BOEING 737, of which 1500 hours as an Instructor. Since 2014, he has been Commander on the BOEING 737 at Air Bucharest and, since 2015, he has also been working as an Instructor - TRI on the BOEING 737, also at Air Bucharest.

Inst. Mihaela Spînu

Head of Training Cabin Crew

With an experience of 21 years in the field of human resources and 15,000 thousand flight hours, Mihaela is the person who can share with you what you need to do to be successful in the career you want.
He likes challenges, adapts easily to new situations, and interpersonal communication skills are his strengths.

He teaches the courses: Human Factors and Crew Resource Management.

Flora Geica


Mr. Florea manages to create a team of people who are equally well trained and enthusiastic to pass on their knowledge to the students. Whether they are aspiring pilots or future flight attendants, they all enjoy quality training and the chance to meet the former flight commander in his role as Lecturer.

He teaches: Civil Aeronautical Legislation and Regulations

Julian Irimia

Chief Flight Instructor and Commander of the JETAV Air Base from Strejnic.

Iulian works as Flight Instructor, Theoretical Chief Flight Instructor and Safety and Compliance Monitoring within ATO JETAV. With over 11 years of experience in Aviation Quality Management, Airworthiness Management, Part 145 Organizations, Aviation Audits, Flight planning, Flight Instructor, his skills make him a valuable asset to our academy. He has flown aircraft such as IS-28B2, Cessna 150, Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Cessna 172RG, Pa32, P2006T, P2008MKII, accumulating 3000 flight hours, of which 2000 as an instructor (FI). A commercial pilot license holder (CPL/ATPL frozen), he is dedicated to sharing his vast experience with students who are passionate about becoming commercial pilots.

Valentin Andu Roth

Ground Instructor

With over 30 years of flying experience with airlines such as TAROM and Blue Air, of which 20 years as cabin crew instructor and 5 years as Cabin Crew Training Manager, his managerial and organizational skills will be extremely valuable .

Teaches: Normal, Abnormal and Emergency Procedures on Board the Aircraft.

Cristina Cazan

Ground Instructor

His career started from the first year of college and was not limited to completing his studies at the Academy of Economic Studies, specializing in Management and Business Administration. He worked in the field of private aviation and, at the age of 22, he already held the position of examiner instructor at Air Bucharest.

Teaches: English Language

Marcel Mitu

He began his career in aviation at the Bobocu Aviation School between 1972-1975, after which he participated in Sports Aviation at the Pitesti Aeroclub. Between 1976-1982, he was part of the national acrobatics team, winning national and Balkan titles and placing 3rd at the European Championship in Austria. With over 2,500 hours as an instructor and over 18,000 flight hours as a pilot, including at TAROM and other airlines between 1983 and 2018, his experience is outstanding. In 2019, at the age of 65, he returned to general aviation as an instructor at the JETAV academy where he is a Flight Instructor (FI), IR Instructor and B737 Simulator Instructor (SFI).

Stefan Panait

Since 2006, he has joined the General Aviation, accumulating 2400 hours as a SEP, MEP, IR, MCC, UPRT, NR, aerobatic instructor, as well as an instructor for instructors and for the ULM class. He works as a VFR (FI) and IFR (IRI) instructor pilot at the JETAV Flight Academy, SSAVC and the Aeroclub of Romania, becoming an examiner instructor (FIE) within the JETAV aviation school in 2020. He graduated with a Master in Aeronautical Management in 2011 and is a PhD student in Aerospace Sciences at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. He has flown aircraft such as Zlin 142, 526, 726, Zlin 50, Cessna 150, 172, 182, Tecnam, Piper, IAR 46, Airvan GA8, Boeing 737. Total flight experience is 5600 hours, of which 3000 on Boeing 737 .

Claudio Barariu

Claudiu holds a professional pilot's license (CPL/ATPL frozen) and instructor qualifications (FI), accumulating approximately 2000 flight hours on the Cessna 172/152/150. He comes with an impressive experience of over 17 years in the IT field. As a young airline pilot, he is well aware of the weaknesses of aviation schools and aims to contribute to their improvement within the JETAV academy.

Adela Simion

After a career of over 15 years in the IT field, aviation is the next elite technical field in which he is passionately dedicated, holding his commercial pilot license (CPL/ATPL frozen) and instructor rating (FI). In 2016, he started flying in General Aviation at the Romanian Aeroclub – Aerodrom Clinceni, taking ATPL, CPL specialization courses at the Civil Aviation Higher School, as well as

Multi Crew Cooperation and Flight Instructor at JetAv. He flew aircraft such as Zlin 142, Cessna 150, Cessna 172, Tecnam P2006T, Tecnam P2008MKII, Piper PA28, Cruz PS28.

Alexandru Malancioiu

He started flying at the age of 16 in the Territorial Aeroclub "Gheorghe Bănciulescu" from Ploiești, piloting both ultralight planes and gliders, where he also participated in aerobatic courses, later becoming a member of the national team. He then attended the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, specializing in Air Navigation, taught in English, at the Polytechnic of Bucharest, where he followed an internship at ROMATSA in the field of navigation and air routes, working on the FRA (Free Route Airspace) project. After finishing his university studies, he started pilot school at the Civil Aviation Higher School, obtaining his PPL and Night Rating license, continuing his training at JETAV, where he accumulated SEP IR, CPL and MEP licenses and where he currently teaches as a lecturer PPL. Also, within our school, he works as a fun flight instructor on the Boeing 737 simulator.

Eduard Beard

He started flying at the age of 16 at the Romanian Aeroclub, where he continued his activity even after obtaining his license. He also practiced aerial acrobatics there. With more than 10 types of piloted aircraft and more than 1000 flight hours, from 2023 he is part of the JETAV team as a flight instructor on Cessna and Tecnam aircraft.

Piloted aircraft: IAR46S, Zlin 142, Zlin 526, Zlin 726, Cessna 150, Cessna 172, Cessna 182, Cessna 172 RG, Piper PA 34 Seneca V, Tecnam P2008, Tecnam P2006T, Cirrus SR21.

Florin Enache

After a childhood passion and dream, in 2015 Florin Enache begins his adventure in the world of aviation and piloting at the Romanian Aeroclub, the gliding section. He continues his path in aviation at the Higher Civil Aviation School in Bucharest, where in 2018 he begins and successfully completes the Integrated ATPL course until 2021. Now, he is a senior co-pilot at the Wizz Air company, Bucharest Otopeni base, with over 1500 hours of flight and experience on the entire Airbus 320 aircraft family. At the Jetav Aviation School, Florin is a theory instructor for the PPL, IR, ATPL programs, specializing in exact subjects such as General Navigation, Flight Planning, Principles of Flight, but also in related to aviation law and flight safety, such as Meteorology.

Piloted aircraft: Planor IS28-B2, Tecnam P2008, Cessna 172, Tecnam P2006T, Cirrus SR22T, Airbus 320, Airbus 321

Lucian Trască

In 2009, he graduated from the flight school in Tuzla, holding the qualifications CPL MEP IR, ATPL Frozen, CRI. In the past, he was First Officer at Carpat Air and Tarom. Currently, he is an MEP instructor on the Piper Seneca 5 aircraft within JETAV.

Lucian has 1400 flight hours and has flown the following types of aircraft: Diamond DA 20, DA 40, DA 42, Cessna 172, BN-2, Piper Seneca 5, ATR 42-500/72-500, Beechcraft King Air C90.

Fifth Bogdan

At ATO JETAV, Bogdan is a Pilot Instructor for obtaining IR/SEP, MEP, MEP/IR licenses, having an experience of 2000 flight hours on aircraft such as IS28B2, IS28M2, Z142, C152, C172, PA28, PA34, B737. He comes with valuable experience gained in commercial aviation, flying for airlines such as Star East and Air Bucharest on Boeing 737 aircraft.

Cristian Mocanu

With over 15 years of experience in the aeronautical field, Cristian is a Commander on Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 aircraft. In his pilot career, he worked at RyanAir and Blue Air, and currently holds the position of Pilot Commander at Dan Air. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Politehnica University of Bucharest, where he also completed his master's degree. He is also General Manager at Aviation Audit. Within ATO JETAV, he is a teacher for the ATPL module and actively and enthusiastically engages in teaching the subjects, aiming to make them accessible and easy to understand for the learners.

Ion Fuiorea

Prof. Dr. Eng. General (r) Fuiorea Ion has a brilliant career in the aeronautical field. He is a graduate of the Military Technical Academy and, starting in 1981, he became a teacher in this institution. He has also been teaching at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Politehnica University of Bucharest for 18 years. He held numerous positions of command and leadership, both within civil and military aeronautical institutions. Within the ATO JETAV he is a lecturer for the ATPL module, where he teaches technical subjects and contributes with an innovative approach, which facilitates the students' understanding of the processes and mechanisms of aeronautical systems.

Capt. Roman Stefăniță (Ground Instructor)

Starting from 2018, he is a collaborator of the JETAV Academy, participating in the B737 Type Rating, B737 Base Training, B737 Line Training and MCC courses. Accumulate more than 5000 flight hours, of which 600 hours as TRI.
His professional training includes Safety Management System (ICAO) and Flight Data Monitoring (CRANFIELD UNIVERSITY UK).

Roman Ștefăniță teaches: Theory of Flight

Tiberiu Cojocaru

In 2015, our instructor starts his career in aviation, and after 5 years he advances to the position of Instructor Pilot for General Aviation and Pilot on Airbus A320. In 2017, he joins the JETAV Flight Academy, where he attends cabin crew training courses, becoming a Fun Flight Instructor on the Boeing 737 simulator and a crew member on the same airplane model. So far, he has accumulated over 2000 hours as a flight attendant and pilot, ground instructor and VFR/IFR flight instructor, both within the JETAV Flight Training Academy and for other training organizations in Romania. With a permanent smile and the desire to share his passion, Tiberiu sends the same message to all aspirants in aviation: "Dream and have faith, nothing is impossible!"

Gica Nae

Teaches: Dangerous Goods

Dr. Costea Florea

Primary physician – head of SMUTS
Central Military Emergency University Hospital "Dr. Carol Davila"

Virca Nicolae

In 1981, he graduated from the Military School of Aviation Officers from Bobocu, becoming an instructor pilot. Between 1981 and 1984, he continued his career as an acrobatic instructor. With extensive experience of 13,200 flying hours on aircraft and ULMs as pilot and instructor on various models including Ulm, Iar823, Zlin 526F, Zlin 526AFS, Zlin726, Zlin142, AN-2, PZL-104 Wilga , Extra 300L, Cessna 150, Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Cessna 172rg, Cessna 182, Tecnam P2008, and Bn2-Islander, is one of the most experienced pilots in General Aviation in Romania. In 2006-2007, he was the head coach of the national aerobatic team. Currently, he is the head of the flight bases in Sibiu and Cluj of the JETAV academy.

Dan Popa (Lecturer)

Mr. Popa teaches: Aeronautical Security

Dr. Popa Daniela (Lecturer)

Doctor Popa Daniela has over 25 years of experience in General Medicine, with skills in Family Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Aerospace Medicine and General Medicine.

Teaches: Aero-medical aspects and first aid