Initial Flight Attendant Course – Obtaining an EASA certificate – in the classroom

1500 €

Have you always dreamed of seeing the world and traveling? JETAV Flight Academy helps you with theoretical and practical training, accommodation facilities and support throughout your journey until the moment of employment - the job is guaranteed!

Initial Flight Attendant Course - Obtaining EASA certificate - ONLINE

1900 €

Do you want to be a flight attendant but can't attend the courses? With us you can get the certificate by choosing our online courses. You must want to want to fly around the world, we will take care of your training. Your job is secured!

Course Obtaining an EASA certificate for Flight Attendants from the East or other Non-EU countries - in the classroom

1200 €

Do you want a career in aviation but don't have many opportunities due to geographical location? We offer you the chance to have the career you have long dreamed of through rigorous training, benefiting from accommodation facilities and training for what it means to be a flight attendant.

Cabin Chief Course

According to the Operating Manual of the Airline Company and the legislation in force.

B737/A320 qualification course

Learn to operate some of the most advanced aircraft in the world. Our team of instructors with over 40 years of experience in the field will provide you with top training to ensure you have the necessary qualifications. This course is designed to equip future cabin crew members with the essential knowledge of aircraft systems, emergency safety procedures and the skills to deal with specific flight situations.

Instructor Flight Attendant Course – Obtain / Renewal / Revalidation

Do you want to share your passion for the flight attendant job with your students? We help you obtain the certificate or, if necessary, change/renew it. You will benefit from the most modern facilities and learn everything it takes to become a good instructor.

Course to obtain EASA certificate for Flight Attendants from the East or other Non-EU countries – ONLINE

Discover travel as a lifestyle through online courses for flight attendants! These are especially dedicated to those from NON-EU countries, but you will have the same benefits as guaranteed job, theoretical and practical training.

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