Real Pilots

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The school at the airport is full of adrenaline and fun with pilots and professionals in the field where children will fly with one of the JETAV planes! Here we will lay the foundations of aviation, from theory to practice, and they will see what it is like to be a Pilot.

Age: 12 – 17 years
Groups: 4-6 people
Theory: 12 hours
Flight: 30 min
Location: the courses take place at Aerodromul Stejnic

*Departure from JETAV headquarters - Francisc Munteanu Street No. 97, Bucharest

Schedule: 8:00 – 14:00; L–W

To the ground

We meet, introduce the JETAV team – the administrative staff and the pilots responsible for the activities

The pilot will explain what will happen during the flight, talk about the plane, review an aeronautical chart and present safety rules.

Just before take off

The pilot will demonstrate the interior of the aircraft, including the operation of the aircraft door, seat belts and instrument panel.

In the air

The flight takes 30 minutes. Children who want to be at the wheel will be able to control even the aeronova under supervision.

Back to the ground

More time to ask questions about the flight! Our pilot can't wait to share more information and answer questions. Then there are 2 hours of theory at the PPL school adapted to the meaning of the little ones.

*Transport from Strejnic Airport back from JETAV headquarters is provided.

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