We are the only Aviation School in Romania that offers a unique and as authentic flight experience as possible: in the Boeing 737NG simulator or in the Single Engine Piston recreational plane simulator. This way we ensure that the pilots and crew members we train are fully prepared for any situation, and aviation enthusiasts and enthusiasts have an engaging and memorable experience.

Boeing 737NG simulator

When you are passionate about flying, the world is infinitely more beautiful from the cockpit! Now you have the chance to experience the feeling of flying yourself from the cockpit of the Boeing 737 passenger plane.

It doesn't matter the experience or the minimum and maximum age, for us it matters that every aviation enthusiast and curiosity has a great experience with our pilots trained to guide you on this story-telling journey. Do you want to give a unique gift, organize a teambuilding like never before or treat your fear of flying? We invite you to fly!

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SEP-MEP simulator

If you want to experience the authentic feeling of flying but without being in a real plane, we invite you to the SEP-MEP airplane sleeve, equipped with a single piston engine (SEP) or two piston engines (MEP).

The simulator reproduces emergency situations, various flight conditions, helping pilots practice take-off, flight and landing procedures.

Through practice a pilot can maintain or improve his navigation skills in a safe and efficient manner using the flight instruments. Want to give a unique gift to an aviation enthusiast?

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