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Pilot Training

The Romanian and European markets lack qualified pilots. The companies develop strategies to attract pilots on the market from competing companies. That is why we created the smallest pachages on the market for pilots who want to specialize on B737 300-900.
In Romania 44 BOEING 737 aircrafts operate (having the base in cities in Romania). Our courses are for both pilots without experience (ATPL frozen/CPL) as well as for the ones with experience on other types of aircrafts.
We also have renewal/revalidation courses on B737 300-900 (EASA license holder) as well as classes to obtain the license and type B737 EASA (ICAO/FAA license holder).

Pilot courses

We have developed a partnership with Air Buchares, our partner, in order to secure a job. The program runs for 2 years as follows:


Type Rating include:
-138 hours of theoretical training in Bucharest (approximately 2 weeks)
-minimum 9 simulator sessions (Full Flight Simulator-FFS) at one of our parners (Vilnius/Sofia)

Base Training
-6 take-offs and landings at one of our partners who can have the aircraft at any airport in Europe
Line Training
-Minimum 150 flight hours with an instructor (Flight under supervision) at Air Bucharest


Employee at Air Bucharest on the position of assistant commandant for B737.
The remuneration will be according to the company's salary scale.
The second season lasts for about 5 months.
- Promotion as Commandant – Upgrade to CPT
Together with Air Bucharest we have developed a program to upgrade an assistant commandant to a commandant on B737. The courses are for well-trained assistant commandants with extensive experience (3000 hours on type).
- Instructor course on B737
- Course - EASA license

The pilots who do not hold an EASA license can apply to our Course in order to get (if you have ICAO sau FAA licenses) a recognized and highly sought after European license.
- Course from classic B737 to NG
The pilots who flew only on B737 CL (classic) can choose the course B737 that will allow them to fly on B737 NG (new generation).
- MCC Course

Course duration 2 years

What you need to know before
applying for Pilot Training Course

- The passion for flying is a very important first step towards a career in aviation.

- Even aviation specialists say that in this job the motivation is essential.

- Being a pilot means to have a very well-organized lifestyle. The aviators are encouraged to spend their free time doing sports and relax in order for their nervous system to recover.

- Health is very important, that is why a complex medical check-up is required.

- Moreover, a pilot has to be able to handle any situation, to be responsible, to quickly react and take the best decision, to have a good perception and also a good memory.

JETAV Flight Academy

What do our students say?

JETAV Flight Academy is honoured it could be part of all students’ journey to a successful career!

Jetav Flight Academy was the perfect school for me with outstanding teachers who gave me a lot of details about the aviation world and got 100% involved in all the courses. As for the exam, I was not nervous because I knew that reading all the curriculum and listening to the advice I will pass the examination (and yes, I passed it)!

ALIN VINTILĂ January 05, 2017

First of all, all Jetav Training School teachers have a vast experience in aviation. Therefore, the information provided during the 4 weeks of training was correlated with real events. The entire team at Jetav has provided real-time information about the recruitment activities of the airline companies available in Romania, doing everything possible to prepare us from all points of view for a successful job. They supporded me with useful tips, preparatory photo session, assistance with drafting the CV, guided me on getting all the necessary documents. Being alongside students on exam days and even interview days, they clearly demonstrate professionalism and full involvement in guaranteeing students' success.


Following our JetAv Flight Academy training, I have acquired the necessary knowledge in the field of aeronautics to be able to pass the exams from the Aeronautical Authority.
Shortly after receiving the flight license, I took part in the Air Bucharest interview, and now I am a cabin crew in this company.
I recommend everyone who wants to follow this path, to choose to work with professionals, with people with an in-depth know-how because that’s how you can learn best! Good luck with JetAv Flight Academy!

ADELA JIVOIU June 12, 2017


Str. Francisc Munteanu 97V
Cartier Henri Coanda

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