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Cabin Crew School

We want to be part of your journey towards your cabin crew career. Being one of the most ambitious and modern cabin crew academies, we can help you make your dream come true!

Get ready for an exciting career and many trips around the world.

If you want to start the adventure of your life, sign up now at the CABIN CREW TRAINING COURSE OF OUR SCHOOL.

Cabin Crew Training Course

JETAV FLIGHT ACADEMY is a training company for pilots and cabin crew, accredited by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority (RCAA). The company arose from the need to improve the quality of aviation training. The academy is made of dynamic team with good knowledge in the field and who has a good understanding of the aviation market. Our instructors / teachers have extensive experience in aviation, being current or former employees / collaborators of renowned companies, such as: the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority (RCAA), TAROM, Blue Air , Air Bucharest, Romanian Civil Aviation Academy, Jetran Air, Rwanda Air, Libyan Airlines, Cyprus Airlines, MNG Airlines, Kyrgyz Air and so on.

cost 1500 €
Number of places Between 5 and 10
Course duration 4-5 weeks
Minimum age 18 years old
The cost of medical examination 290 lei
RCAA Examination 119 €
Cost Practical Training Simulator 180 €
Preparing for the interview Free of charge
Creating the Resume Free of charge



1. General theoretical knowledge of aviation and aviation regulation covering all elements relevant to the duties and responsibilities of cabin crew members - 40 hours 
2. Communication - 17 hours

3. Introductory Course on Human Factors (HF) in Aviation and Crew Resource Management (CRM) - 12 hours 

4. The relationship with the passengers and cabin crew surveillance - 18 hours 

5. Aeromedical aspects and first aid - 12 hours

6. Hazardous goods in accordance with applicable ICAO technical instructions - 8 hours 

7. General aspects of aviation security and knowledge of Regulation (EC) No. 300/2008 - 8 hours 

8. Training on fire and smoke - 10 hours 

9. Survival training

Portrait of a successful flight attendant

In order to get the best chance for a job in an airline company, the flight attendant must meet a few requirements:
- The first requirement is passion. That is right! The passion for flight and travelling will help make you noticed in the aviation world and become a successful flight attendant.

- Once you discovered it, because you have a good eyesight and a good physical condition, you have to make sure you take care of yourself with a positive attitude and responsibility. As a result, your joyfullness automatically puts a smile on people’s faces as you walk into a room.

- At the same time, the passion for this job must be paired with excellent communication skills; that means you are empathetic and have good English skills.

- Swimming is one of your favourite sports. Last but not least, you are at least 18 years old and you are high enough to reach with your hands the rescue equipment located at a height of 2.12 m.

If you find yourself or want to find yourself in the above portrait, we are waiting for you at our Cabin Crew Training Courses where with the same passion and dedication our teachers with over 25 years experience in aviation will guide you to a successful career!

Jetav Flight Academy

What do our students say?

JETAV Flight Academy is honoured to have been part of all its students journey towards a successful career!

First of all, all Jetav Training School teachers have a vast experience in aviation. Therefore, the information provided during the 4 weeks of training was correlated with real events. The entire team at Jetav has provided real-time information about the recruitment activities of the airline companies available in Romania, doing everything possible to prepare us from all points of view for a successful job. They supporded me with useful tips, preparatory photo session, assistance with drafting the CV, guided me on getting all the necessary documents. Being alongside students on exam days and even interview days, they clearly demonstrate professionalism and full involvement in guaranteeing students' success.

Georgiana Gherghina July 05, 2015

Following JetAv Flight Academy training, I have acquired the necessary knowledge in the field of aeronautics to be able to pass the Aeronautical Authority exams.
Shortly after receiving the flight license, I took part in the Air Bucharest interview, and now I am a cabin crew in this company.

I recommend everyone who wants to follow this path, to choose to work with professionals, with people with an in-depth know-how because that’s how you learn best! Good luck with JetAv Flight Academy!

Adela Jivoiu June 12, 2017

Jetav Flight Academy was the perfect school for me with outstanding teachers who gave me a lot of details about the aviation world and got 100% involved in all the courses. As for the exam, I was not nervous because I knew that reading all the curriculum and listening to their advice I will pass the examination (and yes, I passed it)!

Alin Vintilă January 05, 2017


Str. Francisc Munteanu 97V
Cartier Henri Coanda

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Cpt. Alexandru GEICĂ
Head of Training
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