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2 years ago · by · Comments Off on 10 insider facts most flight attendants know — and you probably don’t

10 insider facts most flight attendants know — and you probably don’t

No one has more insider knowledge about flying than flight attendants. But by talking to these veteran globetrotters, as well as scouring Reddit and various articles, we were able to unearth 12 lesser-known facts about flying. Whether you want more attentive service or to avoid getting kicked off your flight, read on for the inside scoop:

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2 years ago · by · Comments Off on 8 Surefire Ways To Annoy Your Flight Attendant

8 Surefire Ways To Annoy Your Flight Attendant

Air travel can be an incredibly stressful experience. In fact, statistics show that getting to, from and through the airport is often cited as one of the most stressful part of traveling.

In the midst of all this stress, flight attendants give new meaning to the term “grace under pressure.” Even when dealing with irritable, anxious and downright volatile passengers, they know how to keep their cool and make sure that our flying experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

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With that in mind, here are eight things passengers do that flight attendants hate, even though they’ll probably never show it.

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3 years ago · by · Comments Off on Single? Cabin Crew? Welcome to CrewMe – The brand new dating app for Cabin Crew.

Single? Cabin Crew? Welcome to CrewMe – The brand new dating app for Cabin Crew.

Single? Cabin Crew?
Welcome to CrewMe – The brand new dating app for Cabin Crew.

Crewme is the first application for mobile devices that will facilitate interactions between pilots and other cabin crew members from all airlines wherever they are. The rationale/model is the same as for many existing dating applications (such as the widely known Tinder) but it also has its own specificities. The system is designed to be extremely easy to use and to allow crew members to geolocate and reach out to each other simply with their personal mobile device.

There are currently three workstreams that are being developed:

1) The most important one is to allow Crewme users to network from a career perspective

2) Second one will enable crew members to meet up easily while they are between two flights away from home and help them organize social events (drinks, cultural activities, sports, etc.)

3) Last feature to be developed will enable users to meet up friends/connections from the same industry through a convenient alert system that will notify when two users are in the same airport or the same city at the same time

The application will be free and will be available exclusively on Apple devices in the first months after launch. A new version will be made available for Android also.


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3 years ago · by · Comments Off on 20 things flight attendants are not obligated to do or are not even allowed

20 things flight attendants are not obligated to do or are not even allowed

Just because a flight attendant also ensures the comfort and good flying experience of passengers, it does not mean that they are supposed to follow each and every thing a passenger requests or asks for. It may mean comfort to the passenger but it may become a safety or security concern for the airline. Also, flight attendants are required to maintain a certain level of professionalism. Here are 2o things flight attendants are not obligated to do or even not allowed to do.

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3 years ago · by · Comments Off on How to craft the perfect flight attendant resume

How to craft the perfect flight attendant resume

This presentation, your resume, must be prepared with the same attention that a lawyer prepares a plea for a lawsuit. An expert should be consulted if the applicant does not have the necessary experience in preparing this kind of presentations.

Here’s what information should appear in the curriculum vitae:

  • Education.  Briefly, but clearly, state what school you followed, what is your specialty and what were the reasons for choosing such a specialization.
  • Experience. You must mention if you have had any prior experience in positions similar to the one you want; Describe it completely by giving names and addresses of previous employers. Make sure you clearly highlight any special experience you have had and recommends you for the job you want.
  • References. Any company wants to know all about previous achievements and the the history of its potential employees, especially if they are looking for positions with responsibility.  Attach to the resume copies of your referral letters received from:
    –  former bosses;
    –  former teachers
    –  experienced people, who’s opinions matter.
  • Photo. Attach a recent photo of you.

  • Specify the desired position clearly.  Avoid asking for a post without describing it exactly. Never ask for just any job. This indicates lack of specialization.     
  • Support your qualifications for the position you desire. Give full details on why you think you are suitable as a flight attendant. This is the most important element that must appear in your resume. It will determine, more than anything else, what appreciations you will receive.     
  • Offer yourself for a trial period. This suggestion may seem radical, but as experience has shown often, it deserves to be tried. If you are sure of your qualities, you only need one chance: to be put to the test. Such a proposal shows that you have the confidence that your skills match the position you are aspiring to.     

– the confidence that you are fit for the job you want;     

– confidence that potential employers will give you the post after the probation period;     

– the desire to occupy the post.


  • Knowledge of the company you want to work for

Try to learn as much about the company you want to work for, to get acquainted with it, and include the knowledge you gained from your research in your resume . This will impress potential employers, indicating that you have imagination and that you are nurturing a real interest in being a flight attendant the company.

Remember one more thing: elegance in preparing your resume will indicate that you are a meticulous person. There have been cases in which the CVs have been so out of the ordinary that they have been hired without even being asked to interview.

When you have completed your resume, make sure it is carefully handled and write the following:






If you apply through a recruiting agency, make sure agents use copies of your resume when sending your documents.

Note: At Jetav Flight Academy, this information, as well as the help you need to craft a perfect CV, are offered to you freely by Cristina Toader, lecturer at the academy and blogger at #cumajungistewardesa.

We wish you success!


Source: Napoleon Hill

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3 years ago · by · Comments Off on If you want to be a flight attendant, you need to act like you are already one

If you want to be a flight attendant, you need to act like you are already one

If you want to be a flight attendant, not just dream of it, you have to act as if you are one, even if you are not yet. Sometimes it’s worth playing the Law of Attraction. As Jack Canfield quotes: “The Law of Attraction states that everything you focus on, think, read, and speak intensely, attracts more into your life.” What you are is reflecting your thoughts and feelings.

So if you have this burning desire to be a flight attendant, it’s time to act.


Here are some tips on how to behave in everyday life:


– Smiles all the time. A smile is, in fact, part of a ‘flying’ uniform. Whatever the situation, always smile. It will make you feel good.

– Be graceful / graceful even under pressure. No matter how tiring a situation may be, a boarder keeps his grace at all times, even when he meets unhappy passengers.


 – Greet everything that moves. Say good morning, good evening and good night to the mall guard, your boss, the taxi driver, a stranger, basically everyone. Even if they do not meet you first, greet them!

– Learn to make up like a true flight attendant. Your makeup has to reveal your natural beauty.

You’re probably wondering how do flight attendants keep their skin so natural and beautiful?!

Well, here are some of their tricks:

– They really care about their health. Being a security professional, one must remain permanently fit. No matter where they are going, they make sure they have a proper and healthy diet. Yes, they can be adventurous with food, but they do exercise to stay fit.

Empathy and compassion

– Flight attendants are always truly concerned over others. This concern comes from their training and experience as members of the cabin crew. They tend to worry about the fate of others even outside the aircraft and out of work-hours.

Discipline, discipline and, again, discipline


-Yes, discipline is very important among crew members. If you need to wake up at 4pm for a flight, make sure you’re in bed early, even if your friends are trying to force you to spend with them. In addition, life is not just a huge party.

Improve your interpersonal skills

-Flight attendants have very good interpersonal skills because they interact with different types of personalities every day on each flight.

– Start to read a lot about the commercial aviation industry. Familiarize yourself with the terms used by flight attendants.

– If possible, try to wear a stewardess / steward uniform, take a picture and use it as wallpaper for your phone.


Attraction of the law does not know the difference between a positive and a negative thought. All it knows is to answer your thoughts.

Last but not least, instead of saying, “I’ll be a flight attendant,” say, “I am a flight attendant.”

Attract positive thoughts all the time and don’t forget to always smile.


Source: itsacrewlife.com

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3 years ago · by · Comments Off on 35 questions you can practice answering for your interview

35 questions you can practice answering for your interview

As you well know, when you apply for a job as a cabin crew member within any airline, you will have to go through an interview. Here it is checked whether your personality, mentality and goals are appropriate for the position you are asked for. Here are some “misleading” questions asked during the interview and some tips on how to answer them. These questions are not questions addressed to a particular airline but are questions that will prepare you and help you, so you can know what to expect.

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3 years ago · by · Comments Off on Interview with Melania JARAVETE – HR Manager at Blue Air

Interview with Melania JARAVETE – HR Manager at Blue Air

Melania Jaravete and her team has recruited, since 2016, the entire staff of Blue Air, the largest Romanian airline, by the number of passengers transported. With a team of approximately 1,500 employees, on 9 bases in Romania, Italy, the UK and Cyprus, Melania talked to future cabin crew members about what a recruiter is looking for during the job interview and how candidates can offer the best first impression to significantly increase their chances of success. See also explained how important the way you see this job is and why Blue Air is like a family for its employees.

Melania began a visit to Jetav Flight Training, providing students with some essential details about the aviation industry and its jobs, pointing out that sometimes candidates start with a false or incomplete picture of what it means to be cabin crew. Cabin crew responsibilities are related to flight safety, and the members are, in fact, a guaranty in the eyes of passengers that everything in the airplane is properly supervised. At the same time, they are the strongest link between the company and the passengers, so the trainings are specially designed to ensure not only safety, but also passenger comfort and an enjoyable flying experience.

Asked about the qualities that a good cabin crew member should have, Melania Jaravete, Blue Air’s Human Resources Director, pointed out the attitude. This sets the tone of the whole mood in the airplane. It is very important that cabin crew members are calm at work, and that they show that they like what they do. Also, patience is essential in this profession and empathy creates a constructive relationship with passengers.

Towards the end of the meeting at the Jetav Academy, Melania Jaravete offered some recommendations for the interview, advising our students to avoid mentioning that among their expectations is the fixed schedule. Aviation means a flexible schedule and a lot of availability from the attendant. 

It is completely different from an office job with a program from 9.00 to 18.00. Also, rest is very important in this profession and many forget to give enough importance to this aspect. Those who want an aviation career should remember, however, that there is no recipe for interviewing.What is important and an element that Blue Air emphasizes in its recruitment interviews is the authenticity and accurate information about the company that the potential employee applies. It is useful for the candidate to know some important elements about the company, the routes that fly, the age of the market. And the simplest research is done on the company’s website or in the press.

As for the ideal outfit for the interview, Melania also pointed out that if you are a person expressing yourself through fashion, you can do it even during an aviation interview. You have to remember, however, that not only the words you are saying will make the recruiter outline a clear picture of yourself, but also the body language, the posture, including the chosen outfit. It is important to consider the moment, the job you are aspiring to get and the people you will be facing. In the end, your image altogether must reflect that you acquire the values ​​of the company you want to join.

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