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3 years ago · by · Comments Off on How to craft the perfect flight attendant resume

How to craft the perfect flight attendant resume

This presentation, your resume, must be prepared with the same attention that a lawyer prepares a plea for a lawsuit. An expert should be consulted if the applicant does not have the necessary experience in preparing this kind of presentations.

Here’s what information should appear in the curriculum vitae:

  • Education.  Briefly, but clearly, state what school you followed, what is your specialty and what were the reasons for choosing such a specialization.
  • Experience. You must mention if you have had any prior experience in positions similar to the one you want; Describe it completely by giving names and addresses of previous employers. Make sure you clearly highlight any special experience you have had and recommends you for the job you want.
  • References. Any company wants to know all about previous achievements and the the history of its potential employees, especially if they are looking for positions with responsibility.  Attach to the resume copies of your referral letters received from:
    –  former bosses;
    –  former teachers
    –  experienced people, who’s opinions matter.
  • Photo. Attach a recent photo of you.

  • Specify the desired position clearly.  Avoid asking for a post without describing it exactly. Never ask for just any job. This indicates lack of specialization.     
  • Support your qualifications for the position you desire. Give full details on why you think you are suitable as a flight attendant. This is the most important element that must appear in your resume. It will determine, more than anything else, what appreciations you will receive.     
  • Offer yourself for a trial period. This suggestion may seem radical, but as experience has shown often, it deserves to be tried. If you are sure of your qualities, you only need one chance: to be put to the test. Such a proposal shows that you have the confidence that your skills match the position you are aspiring to.     

– the confidence that you are fit for the job you want;     

– confidence that potential employers will give you the post after the probation period;     

– the desire to occupy the post.


  • Knowledge of the company you want to work for

Try to learn as much about the company you want to work for, to get acquainted with it, and include the knowledge you gained from your research in your resume . This will impress potential employers, indicating that you have imagination and that you are nurturing a real interest in being a flight attendant the company.

Remember one more thing: elegance in preparing your resume will indicate that you are a meticulous person. There have been cases in which the CVs have been so out of the ordinary that they have been hired without even being asked to interview.

When you have completed your resume, make sure it is carefully handled and write the following:






If you apply through a recruiting agency, make sure agents use copies of your resume when sending your documents.

Note: At Jetav Flight Academy, this information, as well as the help you need to craft a perfect CV, are offered to you freely by Cristina Toader, lecturer at the academy and blogger at #cumajungistewardesa.

We wish you success!


Source: Napoleon Hill


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