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3 years ago · by · Comments Off on 20 things flight attendants are not obligated to do or are not even allowed

20 things flight attendants are not obligated to do or are not even allowed

Just because a flight attendant also ensures the comfort and good flying experience of passengers, it does not mean that they are supposed to follow each and every thing a passenger requests or asks for. It may mean comfort to the passenger but it may become a safety or security concern for the airline. Also, flight attendants are required to maintain a certain level of professionalism. Here are 2o things flight attendants are not obligated to do or even not allowed to do.

  1. They will not allow you to drink that booze you brought on board. Even if you purchased the bottle at a duty free shop in the airport, you can’t simply open it on board and drink to your delight until wasted. They is to make sure that you will not get drunk on board which other passengers may not be happy about.
  2. They will stop serving you booze if they know you’ve had enough. Flight attendants take safety and security to the highest level and allowing you to get drunk may be a security and safety issue. Yes they will serve you alcoholic beverage but they will only serve you up to a certain point, even if you are willing to pay extra. Once flight attendants know you’ve had enough, they will stop.
  3. Flight attendants won’t have a drink with you. In fact, flight attendants have to be alcohol free at least 12 hours before any flight and throughout the duration of their duty as their job entails ensuring your safety and security, particularly during an emergency situation. Their alert level must be at it’s highest.
  4. They are discouraged to promote their outside interests on board. Their may be exceptions to this. If the flight attendant initiates marketing their outside business to a passenger, then that’s not allowed. Though there are times in the middle of a conversation, some passengers may ask “so do you do other things aside from being a cabin crew?” This is where a cabin crew may discuss let’s say his or her outside business in a nutshell but not extensively, more just for conversation purposes only, and nothing more. They are also not allowed to strike outside deals while on duty.
  5. They are not allowed to sleep at anytime during long haul flights. During long haul flights, there are usually two seats of cabin crew and they interchange after a number of hours. Their sleep in the crew rest has to be coordinated with the purser and lead crew to make sure that there is always enough cabin crew to take care and to attend to passsengers.
  6. They just don’t take tips. Though there are really no defined rules for some airlines regarding tips, cabin crew members usually do not take tips from passengers even after they’ve done an exceptionally good job. Some airlines do discourage their cabin crew from taking tips. So what’s the best thing to do if you really want to give your cabin crew something? A commendation sent to their management will go a long long way.
  7. They cannot wear their uniforms outside unless it is a special assignment or event by the airline. Flight attendants are not allowed to go around in public places in uniform. Either they change or for some, they wear a huge black jacket on top to cover it.
  8. They can’t use their airline privileges for whatever they want. Yes flight attendants do get free flights but usually, this is extended only to their direct family members and no one in beyond. For some airlines too, their free flight privilege for flight attendants are limited. Example, they are not allowed to use the flight to send items your tito or tita are asking you to do
  9. Flight attendants are not allowed to miss security checks. Despite being the flight crew, they all still undergo the x-ray machine and manual check by the airport police.
  10. They can’t bring whatever they want on board. They are still subject to airport and airline regulations like huge bottles of liquid in their carry-on items and anything deemed as illegal by airport police.
  11. Flight attendants are not allowed to use all medical equipment on board. Incase a passenger experiences some discomfort, flight attendants are not allowed to just operate any life equipment. While there are some that they are allowed to operate, there are still those equipment that may require a physicial to operate it incase there is one on board.
  12. Flight attendants won’t give you an upgrade just because you are extra nice to them. It is not within their jurisdiction to upgrade your seat at anytime you want.
  13. They are not allowed to barge-in the flight deck anytime they want. A cabin crew who usually wants to enter the cockpit alerts the pilots first through a “doorbell” or a button. Usually, there is one cabin crew who is assigned to serve the pilots.
  14. Flight attendants are not allowed to switch the passengers seat at anytime. This is also for security reasons and for the balance of the aircraft. Here is our article why you are not allowed to change seats anytime.
  15. They cannot give your toddler a free seat. This all lies with your ticketing office and the ticket you purchased. Just don’t expect that flight attendants while help give your toddler a free seet and help you reimbure what you already paid for.
  16. They don’t accept checks when purchasing duty free items. It’s either cash or your credit/debit cards. So please do not scold your flight attendant if incase they did not accept the check you are using to purchase something.
  17. They will not allow you to stay long or hangout in the galley. All the space is needed in the galley and this is usually an area off-limits to passengers. Also, important aircraft equipment are also placed there.
  18. They are not allowed to share you their personal information. Yes they will check your information on the manifest or boarding pass but they treat those with full confidentiality and will never dare use them for their personal delight. Hence, please do not bargain with them to provide their personal information to you just because they checked your immigrations card and saw your information. They are just doing their job.
  19. They are not obligated to stow your luggage unto the overhead compartments. They can only lend you assistance if you are a PWD or you got any physical disability that hinders you to stow them yourself.
  20. Flight attendants will not allow you not to disobey or disregard any of their safety instructions. In fact, they could have you offloaded and have the airport police take you out if you do not wear your seatbelts while seatbelt sign is on, if you keep your window shades down during take-off, if you keep your seat reclined despite them reminding you, or even screaming at them for doing their job of reminding you the safety procedures.





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